Download Fouad WhatsApp For iOS on iPhone And iPad

Nowadays, WhatsApp holds the title of the most used means of communication. People worldwide chit-chat and meet their loved ones digitally through the WhatsApp app. But today, we are discussing WhatsApp plus, which has more features and many advanced options compared to WhatsApp. Fouad WhatsApp is available for both android and iOS. It is easy to use, has a blue icon, and has exciting and marvelous features. This article will discuss the features, download, and installation of Fouad WhatsApp in detail.

Fouad WhatsApp For iOS

What is Fouad WhatsApp For iPhone?

Fouad WhatsApp is a revolutionized version of WhatsApp developed by Rafalete. The most protected end-to-end encoded connection is held by it. You can freely use it without having the tension of anyone hacking or leaking your private chats. With a fast speed and great software, Fouad WhatsApp is the most useful app available for communication.

Fouad WhatsApp For iOS

Fouad WhatsApp APK File Information

App Name Fouad WhatsApp
Version 9.14.1
File Size 56 MB
Android Version Required 5.0+
Last updated 1 day ago

Features Of Fouad WhatsApp

Following are the Fouad WhatsApp features that make it distinctive from the original WhatsApp:

  • Fouad WhatsApp can be tailored to your preferences.
  • No complicated software or skill is required to design your Fouad WhatsApp.
  • Themes, wallpapers, and different colors of chats can be done on Fouad WhatsApp.
  • Additional security on last seen hiding is provided.
  • You can turn off the read receipt, so people will not know if you have read your message or not,
  • You can also turn off the delivery receipt, so when you want, people will get your particular message.
  • Fouad WhatsApp allows you to share a file of size up to 999Mb, while on WhatsApp, you can only share a maximum 100Mb files.
  • You can share your music using Fouad WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp offers a designated size cropped display picture, while you can set the picture without cropping on WhatsApp Fouad.
  • Twenty font options are available on WhatsApp Fouad.
  • Fouad WhatsApp anti-delete option helps you to stop anyone from deleting their messages.
  • You can also enjoy the auto-respond feature on Fouad WhatsApp by customizing the setting one time; everything can be automated after that.
  • The Fouad WhatsApp icon comes in many colors and designs, so you can enjoy any of them by downloading Fouad WhatsApp.

How To Download Fouad WhatsApp On iPhone

Fouad WhatsApp is not provided on the iPhone app store, but you can easily download it from the iPhone Cydia impactor. Follow these easy steps to download Fouad WhatsApp on your iPhone:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone as the first and most crucial step.
  • After that, you have to download Fouad WhatsApp from Fouad WhatsApp IPA file link. You can download it by clicking “Download” button
  • Connect your iPhone with pc and download Cydia impactor.
  • Now move your IPA file to the Cydia impactor.
  • Enter your information when the Cydia impactor asks you for your Apple Id and password.
  • Don’t forget about the trust developer. Move to your general settings on your iPhone and tap on the trust option.
  • After these steps, you can use your new and improved WhatsApp.


With the best security, advanced features, and unlimited uses, Fouad whatsapp is the best replacement for the old WhatsApp. This amazing app can offer customizable options, themes, and music sharing in minutes. Installing and operating Fouad whatsapp is also a piece of cake. Now download, install and enjoy the app. Enjoy your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fouad WhatsApp not on the iPhone app store?

Fouad whatsapp is not an official version of WhatsApp. It was made by a private entity and has sophisticated and many practical features. IPhone users can easily download Fouad whatsappby reviewing the steps mentioned above.

Is Fouad WhatsApp safe to download?

Yes, Fouad whatsapp is safe to download. It is free to use and has advanced software providing you with the best privacy policy. With its end-to-end encrypted messages, you can enjoy your chats without worry.

Can one also download GB WhatsApp on android or iPhone?

Yes, you can download GB WhatsApp on any android and iPhone. It has a different procedure for downloading. GB WhatsApp also contains many astonishing and distinctive features.

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