GBWhatsApp Apk Download Pro Version for Android – Latest Update 2022

Are you tired of using WhatsApp with limited functionalities and restrictions which you don’t want? Well, we are introducing you to the GBWhatsApp Apk, which has rich functionalities. People use WhatsApp to share videos, audio, pictures, and many other things. But when some restrictions are imposed over sending data and other functionalities, then it makes you think that there should be something with rich functionalities.


GBWhatsApp APK:

A group of developers thought similarly, and they modified the official WhatsApp. They added such extra features that make it more attractive than official WhatsApp. This customized mod of WhatsApp enhanced the version of official WhatsApp, and it is best for those who want to use dual WhatsApp on their device. This Unique GBWhatsApp depends on WhatsApp Plus mod, which was discontinued by WhatsApp officials when they extricate.

GBWhatsApp APK File Information

App Name GB WhatsApp
Version v22.00
File Size 44 MB
Android Version Required 5.0+
Last updated 1 day ago

What is GBWhatsApp:

This WhatsApp Apk is the substitute for the original WhatsApp, having some additional features than jtwhatsapp that the original one doesn’t have. A group of developers added some extra features like changing themes, download WhatsApp status, hiding double tick, and many more.  This version has more tight privacy features, and you don’t need to pay for it. You don’t need to uninstall the original WhatsApp when going to use GB Apk Whatsapp. Both can be used in parallel, which means you can run two WhatsApp accounts on a single device.

There are many other social media apps available in the market, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But WhatsApp has its unique identity and more popular among people. Adding more, GB Apk mod is available with additional features to attract people. GB Version is one of the earliest mods of WhatsApp that is updating till now. It is the most impressive version of WhatsApp with boosted functions. You will learn more about excellent attributes under.

GBWhatsApp Versions:

Download Version V.7.10Download Version V.7.20
Download Version V.7.99Download Version V.8.0
Download Version V.8.5Download Version V.8.10
Download Version V.8.20Download Version V.9.5

GBWhatsApp Features:

Here are some amazing features of GB Apk listed down:

This Mod Apk is developed by an independent developers group, it gives you an anti-ban feature that will make your account safe to be banned by WhatsApp. It is a big enhancement for those whose accounts are being banned.
It runs on a Non-Rooted device, so you don’t need to root your device for this mod APK.
Auto Reply
This Apk comes with an auto-reply feature, which makes it an awesome mod apk app. It means GB Apk WhatsApp is great for your business to instantly reply to your customers. You can reply to any of your friends or new person at any time using the auto-reply feature.
Do Not Disturb
If you are playing a game or watching an interesting movie on your android and frustrated with again and again pop-up notifications of WhatsApp messages, then GB version of WhatsApp is best to get rid of this. This WhatsApp mod Apk has a Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, which will disable the internet connection for WhatsApp and remain enable for other apps. And you can play your game or watch the movie without any disturbance.
Broadcast Messages
You have a message and want to send to each group in your list, and you can do it through broadcast text message to groups. It is an amazing feature which will save your time for forwarding message.
Filter Messages
This Apk is Excogitate with a great feature of filter messages. This amazing feature will let the user clear chat, and also, someone can filter its messages according to the need.
Last Seen
This Apk has the option to hide your last seen. You can hide it from your contacts. Hiding last seen from all contacts is also available in official WhatsApp, but in this version, you can also hide it from certain contacts.
Message Delivery
If you don’t want to show the online status to your contacts, this Apk facilitates you in this. When your contact sends you a message, there will be only a single tick on your contact’s side, whether you are online or offline. Hence you can hide message delivery.
Read Receipts
This Apk has an excellent feature of hiding read receipts. No blue tick will be sent to the contact’s side if you will read the message.
Copy Status
You can copy the status of any contact by just tapping on their status. It is such an amazing feature to copy and post the status.
Send Files
In official WhatsApp, you can only send a limited type of file. But in GB version, you can send any type of file (e.g., Apk, etc.) to your contacts.
Live Location Sharing
GB Apk WhatsApp has a feature of live location sharing. You can share live location with your contact for a certain period which you select.
Send Maximum Pictures
You can send maximum pictures to your friends at a time. In official WhatsApp, it is limited to 10 pictures at a time, but in this mod Apk, you can send up to 90 pictures at an instant. You can also send up to 100MB of the audio file instead of 16MB and 50MB video file instead of 16MB to your contact.
Amazing Themes
This WhatsApp has amazing themes that are countless. You can apply these amazing themes and also emojis to your GB Mod Apk interface according to your mode.
Status Saver
This WhatsApp has an amazing feature of the status saver. When you watch status videos or photos of your contacts, it saves your mobile’s cache memory but not saved in the gallery. GB version WhatsApp provides you the feature to save it in your gallery and let you share it with your friends.
Font Styles
GB mod Apk will not let you be bored with its great features. It has too many font styles, and you can customize your font according to your mode.
Profile Picture Alert
The GB version WhatsApp will send you a notification when any of your contacts change their profile picture.
Deleted Messages
Official WhatsApp has introduced a new feature of deleting messages for both. In some cases, you can’t see what your contact sent you, which he deleted. GB version WhatsApp has an amazing feature of revoke messages that will let you know which message was deleted in both contacts and group chat.
High-Quality Images
In official WhatsApp, some algorithms are working that compress the image’s size and low the quality. GB version WhatsApp has a great feature of sending images in high quality as they are saved on your device. No compromise to quality.
Pop Up Notifications
Another amazing feature of this app is you can hide pop-up notifications from your main screen.

How to download GBWhatsApp:

Most people think that GB version WhatsApp is available on Google Play Store, but actually, it is not. To install this, you have to download from external sources out of google. Many people do not know how to download and install this WhatsApp Apk. Here we will tell you to do so in easy steps. After installing this WhatsApp Apk, you can enjoy all the features listed above.

 Follow these easy steps to enjoy GB version WhatsApp!

Space: Storage space is a must to download and install GB version WhatsApp APK.

Download: Click on the download button and let to start download GB version WhatsApp APK.

Allow Unknown Sources: When you are downloading other than google play store, you have to install APK from Unknown Resources. Do not need to worry; it asks for permission to install APK out of the google play store.

Install: After downloading and allowing from unknown resources, click on the APK file where it is downloaded and install it. After installing it, launch the GB Apk. When it is open, then login to your existing account or create a new account to access GB Apk WhatsApp features. This could be done in really simple steps, but you can ask by commenting if you find any problems.

GBWhatsApp for iOS:

There are millions of iPhone users, but many don’t know how to download an iOS file outside of App Store. But don’t worry, here we will tell you the procedure. Developers of GB version Whatsapp not only developed Mod apk of WhatsApp for android but also GBWhatsapp for iOS users keeping in mind massive potential in the iOS market. Each feature that is in the Android apk is also available for iPhone users. Follow these simple and easy steps to enjoy the fantastic feature of GB version WhatsApp on your iOS device.

  • First of all, open the browser on your iOS device.
  • Open this site and click on the “Download” button given below.
  • Let the download be completed.
  • When the file is downloaded, open the file to proceed.
  • Click on the install button
  • The installation process will take a few seconds to install.
  • When it is done, Open GBWhtasApp.
  • Login to your old account or create a new one as you want.
  • Enjoy the unique and outstanding features of GB WhatsApp on your iOS device.

After following the above steps, you will get GB WhatsApp on your iOS device and enjoy the latest features. Also, GB WhatsApp is best for dual WhatsApp as you can run an account in official WhatsApp and one in GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp will not affect the original WhatsApp on your iOS device. If you face any problems while installing mod apk, you can ask in the comment section. We will try to resolve the issue.

GBWhatsApp for PC (Windows and Mac OS):

Many people use WhatsApp on their laptop or PC while they are working on it. This is very simple to use on Windows. If you want GB WhatsApp for PC to use on your Windows PC or laptop, just follow the steps and get the amazing moded APK of WhatsApp with extraordinary features. There are a few ways you can follow to install it on windows. First, you have to install an android emulator to use this WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp with Emulator:

There are many Android Emulators available, but some of the best are Bluestacks and noxx. Download any of them and install them. It will create an android environment in your Windows device, and you can install APK apps inside it. Moreover, these android emulators are free of cost, and you don’t need to pay for their services. When you install Android Emulator, then follow these easy steps to enjoy this WhatsApp on your PC.

  • First of all, Download and Install Android Emulator on your windows device.
  • Download GB Apk WhatsApp mod apk from the download button.
  • When it is completed, locate the file where it is stored.
  • Now run your Android emulator.
  • Drag and drop GB version APK in the android emulator and install it.
  • You can also double-click on the APK file to install it in the android emulator.
  • Allow installing from unknown resources.
  • Follow all steps that are defined above to install this GB version on android.
  • When completed, open GB Apk WhatsApp and enjoy the fantastic features of this moded APK.

Here we have discussed all steps of installing GB version of WhatsApp in simple and easy steps. Go and install to explore the unique elements of this APK. Still, if you face problems or issues, don’t hesitate to comment; we will try to resolve the issue.

GBWhatsApp for PC Without Bluestacks:

Most people, who are employees, like to use apps or soft wares on their PC as compared to mobile. As GB version has some extraordinary features than the original one, The working persons will love to install it on their PC. But for installing GB version, they also have to install Bluestacks to run it, which they don’t want.

You don’t need to worry. It can also be installed without Bluestacks on your PC. Many other emulators are small in size and run smoothly on Windows devices. You can install then use this WhatsApp and enjoy brilliant features than original WhatsApp on your Windows PC. Moreover, all emulators are free of cost, and also you don’t need to pay for this. This means you can enjoy it on PC without losing any penny.

Extra Privacy Features:

By installing GB version of WhatsApp, you will enjoy not only WhatsApp features but also extra privacy features. These additional features are not available in real WhatsApp. By installing this GB version, you can control your privacy. By utilizing these features, your contacts will be amazed at how you are doing such things that they can’t do. Talking about extra privacy features, some of them are:


In GB version, you can enable or disable the bluetick option. Bluetick appears on your contact’s side if he sends you a message and you read that. By enabling this feature, bluetick will not appear on your friend’s side whether you have seen the message or not. This is such a fantastic feature by this GB version of WhatsApp.

Double Tick:

GB version facilitates you with enabling or disabling the double tick option. A double tick appears on a message at the contact’s side when he sends a message and receives it on your side. Suppose you have an active internet connection. By enabling this feature, if the internet connection is active, your contact still does not receive a double tick. He will imagine you offline. This is such a great feature while you are working and don’t want to be disturbed. This Feature is also available in WhatsApp Plus Apk.

Microphone Settings:

This WhatsApp mod facilitates you with Customized microphone settings.

Status of Typing and Recording:

In WhatsApp, when you are replying to any contact and typing, a little “typing” word is being shown on your contact’s side that you are typing something. By enabling this feature, your contact can’t indicate whether you are typing something or not. Similarly, by enabling the Status of recordings, your contact can’t see whether you are recording or n when you are recording a voice note.

Messages Scheduling:

This WhatsApp has this beautiful feature of scheduling messages, which official WhatsApp doesn’t have. Even many famous social media applications don’t have this option. In this WhatsApp, you can set a time and date when that message will be sent to a specific contact. That’s a unique feature offered by this modded apk.

Online Status:

In this WhatsApp, Being online is such an easy thing that other apps, even original WhatsApp, can’t provide you. By enabling this feature, you will be shown online to all your contacts whether you are connected to the internet or not. This is an excellent feature for businesses as you will always be online for your customers, and set an auto-reply feature with this.

Block Calls:

If you are annoyed by calls continuously teasing you to work. No problem, you can block all without knowing that you have blocked their needs. To do this, Go to the three-dot menu and click on GB Settings. After this, click on Other Mods and then tap on Disable Voice Calls. When you clicked on it, you will find the following three options:

  • Enable all calls
  • Block calls with showing ringing to the opposite person
  • Block calls without showing ringing to the opposite person

Select the option according to your privacy need. This is such a fantastic feature that has terrific options for incoming calls.

WhatsApp VS GBWhatsapp:

Here is a little comparison to understand the difference between official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp.

Document Sharing size10030
Media file size at a time50 MB16 MB
Last seen HidingYesNo
Status SaverYesNo
Documents Sharing in Pdf, txtYesNo
Supported Languages45130
Characters Length of StatusUp to 255 CharactersUp to 139 Characters
Blank Messages SendingYesNo
Sending Pictures limit9010
Full resolution pictureYesNo
Font StylesToo Many Limited
Auto ReplyYesNo
Message broadcastingYesNo

GBWhatsApp Pros and Cons:

As you know, this Apk is a modded version of WhatsApp which some third party develops. As you install this modded WhatsApp, you avail yourself many unique features that you can’t get in original WhatsApp. As it has a lot of features that are the advantage of this Apk, similarly, on the other hand, there might be some disadvantages. First, we will have a look at its Advantages:

  • Can hide last seen status
  • Customized hiding of last seen (for specific contacts
  • Can send up to 90 images instead of 10 at a time
  • Advanced privacy options
  • Hide Bluetick
  • Hide double tick
  • Can change app and notification icon
  • Status saver
  • Lock for whole WhatsApp and also for individual chats
  • Can send 50 MB video instead of 16 MB
  • Can send 100 MB audio clip instead of 16 MB
  • Ability to filter messages
  • Scheduling messages feature
  • Online status for every time
  • There is always a danger of getting banned from WhatsApp
  • You can’t update this WhatsApp automatically
  • Not 100% Safe

GBWhatsApp Add-Ons:

You will get this amazing feature of add-ons in WhatsApp GB, which is not available in original WhatsApp. Through add-ons, you can add extra functionalities to your WhatsApp and make it more interesting.

With the help of add-ons, you can add a large collection of stickers that you can share with your friends. The sticker packs option in this WhatsApp contains many trending and funny sticker packs that you can explore utilizing the feature in-app. Adding more, you can create your sticker packs by converting your images to stickers. It is done using GBStickers Maker.

Using Wallpapers plus add-on in your mod APK, you can add beautiful and stunning Wallpaper to your WhatsApp wall. You can also use custom wallpapers for each contact. You will get a more personalized WhatsApp to look that someone can imagine. After clicking on the “Wallpaper plus” option in add-ons, you will be redirected to a link to download and install the

Wallpaper plus app. After installing it, you will get plenty of wallpapers on your device.

How to Install GBWhatsApp without losing chat:

People who are using official WhatsApp are like watching paint dry. When there is Mod WhatsApp available with rich features, why not should you go for it? Many people fear installing this Apk that they will lose their data. They fear that when they move from official WhatsApp to GB Apk WhatsApp, they will lose their chat history and other settings. You don’t need to worry about your data. Go and install this mod Apk if you are fear of losing data. Here we will discuss some easy and simple steps that will, if you follow; you will save your data from being lost. Before moving to WhatsApp GB, follow these steps:

  • Firstly open WhatsApp where your account is active
  • Click on the three dots on the top right side, tap on Settings, and then select chats. Now moving towards the most exciting part, download GB Apk WhatsApp from the links provided here on this page.
  • Now uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device. After uninstalling WhatsApp, don’t clear the data as it can delete your media files and messages.
  • Now you can install the GBWhatsapp, which you have downloaded.

At this stage, you have installed the mod APK. Now, the next step is to bring back your WhatsApp data and chat history. To do this, follow the below steps and get your essential data back.

  • First of all, go to the file manager of your device and select storage options. Now select that one where you have backed up your data previously. If that is backed up in an external device, select that; otherwise, go for the internal option.
  • Now select the folder WhatsApp. This is the folder where all your chat, media, and settings, etc., are stored. Change the name WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp.
  • After changing the folder name, open the folder. There you will see a folder named media. Open it, and there you will see subfolders like WhatsApp videos, WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp pictures, etc.
  • Now it is a critical part because you have to rename each folder where the “WhatsApp” word exists. Rename WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp all subfolders. For example, change WhatsApp Pictures to GBWhatsApp.

After following the above steps thoroughly, open GB WhatsApp. Complete the process of entering your phone number and verify it. When all is completed, it will ask you for backup chats that need to be restored. Select the restore option, and it will start restoring your chat. The process will take a little time. When it is completed, you can continue with the amazing and unique features of new WhatsApp moded Apk. Same Process is used for Installation of Fouad WhatsApp.

Update GBWhatsApp:

If you are using official WhatsApp, that can be updated through the google play store automatically. But if you want to update this WhatsApp Apk, you have to follow some steps to update it manually.

Method # 1:

  1. Go to your mobile and open the browser.
  2. Download the latest version of WhatsApp GB and install it on your device.
  3. Don’t forget to allow installation from unknown resources in your device’s settings.

Method # 2:

Nowadays, in the updated version of WhatsApp GB, when you open the app, a pop-up menu comes. Click on the update button. It will head you towards a site where you can download the latest version of this Apk.

Method # 3:

You can browse your laptop or PC for the latest version of this WhatsApp Apk and download it. After downloading the apk file, transfer it to your device through any medium and install it on your device.

Choose any method and update your WhatsApp regularly to witness new updated features. For updating this WhatsApp, you have to keep an eye on updates. It will not be updated automatically. You will do it yourself.


What is GB WhatsApp?

This WhatsApp is a mod of official WhatsApp having some extra functionalities.

Which one is better, WhatsApp or WhatsApp GB?

Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB are almost doing the same work. Still, they are different for some extra features. WhatsApp GB is actually an increment of official WhatsApp, which includes exciting features and hacks that everyone will like.

Is this safe to use WhatsApp GB APK?

Well, I didn’t found any suspicious thing, which makes me curious about security. Actually, GB WhatsApp uses the same servers as WhatsApp, and your chat is encrypted as it is in official WhatsApp. No issue about the privacy of your chat.

Can I use Dual WhatsApp on my device?

Yes, you can do it. You can use official WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB at the same time and run different accounts on them.

Can I use WhatsApp GB on my iPhone and Windows?

Yes, it is also available for iOS devices. And also, you can use it on your Windows PC. To install on these devices, go through the above article and follow the steps to do so.

Is there any issue of account banning or privacy breach?

No, there is no issue of account banning. Instead, GB WhatsApp has Anti Ban system which stops WhatsApp from banning your account while using this WhatsApp mod. And for the privacy breach, there is no issue because this Apk uses official WhatsApp servers, and your data is encrypted on servers without access by any third party.

Is there any need to Root the Device?

No, You can continue without rooting the device. If your device is already rooted, you can use it on that without any issue.

Is there any need to update the app?

Nope, it is not such a tricky thing. The more updated version you will use, the more exciting feature you will get. Simple as that!

Can I see the “Last Seen” status of others?

If someone has hidden its last seen status, you can’t see it even in WhatsApp GB. But if you hide your “last seen” status from others, then you can see other’s “last seen” status. There is an option to get notified when a certain contact gets online. You can utilize that to track someone who has hidden “last seen” status from others.

Can I disable calls on my WhatsApp GB?

Yes, it can be done on this WhatsApp mod. There are different options available in it.


If there is something available for free with extra functionalities and features, then why stick to the old and classy look of your messaging app. WhatsApp mods are a growing popular community that everyone is shifting towards it to enjoy amazing features. You will enjoy official WhatsApp features and also added functionalities of WhatsApp GB. You will enjoy some excellent user experiences too early, which official WhatsApp hasn’t offered yet.

Everyone wants some unique and better experience while messaging. Official WhatsApp won’t let you do so. Move to WhatsApp GB to enjoy this. This WhatsApp Apk offers the same security and data encryption that official WhatsApp provides if you want more attributes, then why late to move WhatsApp GB on your device.

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