How to see unavailable posts on Instagram

The instagram owned sociable media behemoth has rolled out a slew of special qualities. And it seems that its Direct Message segment has helped the most. There’s a lot to talk about, whether it’s the acquisition of new responses or the acquisition of Disappearing Messages. On the different hand, it isn’t without its share of issues. Users have voiced displeasure that they cannot view a post that has been transferred as a Direct Message. Rather, it only says, “Post Unavailable.” In this manual, we’ll go over all the potential causes of this issue and how to solve it earlier and for all. Let’s get started without additional ado.

How to see unavailable posts on

Grounds for post unavailable problem on Instagram

Post-unavailable issues can happen due to several reasons. Nevertheless, the most typical ones are either the post has been deleted, or the performance is personal. Below we have described all reasons that can push posts to be inaccessible on Instagram:

  • Post has been deleted: There are two causes why a post contacts deleted from Instagram. This has the account holder deleting it or, in a different case, Instagram carrying it down due to user messages against societal guidelines.
  • Account/page is private: Instagram has this idea of a private performance in which only authorized supporters can see the images and videos published on their profile. If somebody sends you a post from an invoice/page that is personal and you are not following, it also shows a post unavailable problem.
  • Post has been archived: Posts can also be archived on Instagram rather than deleting them forever. When a post is archived, it fades from Instagram and is only visible to the account proprietor in its post archived area. Archived positions can be fixed later by the account owner anytime they enjoy.
  • The person stops you: If someone has stopped you on Instagram and your mate sent you their position via DM, then the only item you will see is the position unavailable. Stopping just restricts you from viewing anything from that user, including rods, stories, highlights, and the whole profile itself.
Grounds for post unavailable problem on

Fixing the “Post Unavailable” problem on Instagram

By now, you would have understood why you cannot view the post person sent you via Instagram DM (direct message). For per reason, there are some keys, or, you can say, workaround tricks to fix this post-unavailable issue and also read Does Instagram Banned in India.

Account/page private: One simple and standard reason why the image or video is unreachable to you is that the carrier or the report on which that video is published is personal. There’s no way you can review the post conveyed to you if the page is personal. The only way to access that position is by sending a follow demand. Once the page or report owner accepts your next submission, the post/link will evolve for free.

Account deactivated: This is doubtful to happen, but there’s a slight possibility that when your buddy saw that uproarious post, that statement was smoothly operating on Instagram. But between the time they shipped you the position and you tried to extend it, that Instagram page power has been halted. This is likely to happen if that account publishes mean videos, not in terms of Instagram policies. If this had occurred, there’s no way you can open that position now.

Fixing the “Post Unavailable” problem on

Blocked by admin or the account holder: This can be true if the position shared with you is from a private account instead than an Instagram page. Due to some private reason, if you have been stopped by someone whose post was transferred with you, don’t get surprised to see the post unavailable notification popping on the mesh. And now you know what to do to see that position. Yes, that’s right; ask any of your joint friends to reach that account holder and tell them to clear you.


So these lived some of the methods via which you might be able to fix the Instagram Chat/DM Post Unreachable error. Do keep in mind that these problems aren’t generally connected to Instagram servers or due to the usage of an older app build since the different components of the benefit are functioning as desired.

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