Does Instagram Banned in India

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and is one of the most used apps in India. However, a viral social media post is now claiming that Instagram could be banned in India by the end of this month. Does Instagram Banned in India. A post has been going viral on social media claiming that PM Modi’s Centre plans to ban Instagram from mid-June because of specific content being floated on the social networking application.

Does Instagram Banned in

According to the viral post, a screenshot of a news agency shows that the Centre will be imposing a ban on Instagram from June 17 because the youth of the country is being influenced by the ‘wrong content’ floated on the website.

Instagram banned in India?

Since the army announced its orders, there has been confusion online. A few Instagram users needed clarification about whether the Instagram ban was applied to all of India. But, at the moment, the photo-sharing app is only banned for army personnel. 

Instagram banned in India?

The army has taken a severe step to prevent any leakage of sensitive information. Following the recent violent unrest in China, the Instagram ban decision was also made for security reasons.

Fact Check: Is Instagram banned in India?

Instagram remains on the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS store, which means it has not been banned in India. The application also functions on all Android and Apple gadgets, which means it is still functional in India and also Which cricketer has the most followers on Instagram.

Fact Check: Is Instagram banned in India?

Further, the Indian government has issued no notification regarding this Instagram ban, and there is no news on the Meta portal. This means that the word Instagram being banned in India is fake, and the app will continue functioning like before.


The question of whether Instagram faces a ban in India reflects a broader global trend of grappling with the role and responsibilities of social media platforms. In India, a diverse and vibrant democracy, the conversation extends beyond technology to encompass societal values, cultural norms, and the aspirations of millions of users. While the ban speculation may be speculative, it underscores the need for proactive measures to ensure digital platforms’ responsible and ethical use.

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