Download MA WhatsApp APK v6.60 (Official Latest Version 2023)

WhatsApp is a social media application that is known for its simple-to-use interface and instant messaging. It has more than one billion users and works fine on low-quality internet. Since it has basic functionality and there is no spice in its features, many users get bored. In this situation, different mods like MA WhatsApp Mod Apk come in handy. They are developed keeping in mind the user intent and trying out different things.

MA WhatsApp is a premium mod of WhatsApp that comes with different advanced privacy and security features like in our other mods that are red whatsapp, blue whatsapp and na whatsapp. This mod apk lets you try out different things and comes with different mew functions. Through it, you can alter the visual aspect of the User Interface, or you can say the app’s internal functions easily and make it totally new. It has the same advanced features like hiding last seen, anti-ban, customization, different text styles and colours, tick styles, and many more.

What is MA WhatsApp Mod APK

Before explaining it, make it clear that MA WA is actually based on WhatsApp, and it’s not an extension of official WhatsApp. It works standalone and does not work as an add-on or extension of the original app. When the developers found some flaws in real WhatsApp, they put their heads together and made this WhatsApp MA Mod satisfy users’ needs. They added some enhanced functionalities and made them accessible for the public to use.

MAWhatsApp APK File Information

App Name MA WhatsApp
Version v7.63
File Size 33 MB
Android Version Required 5.0+
Last updated 1 day ago

Moreover, this WhatsApp is lightweight and highly stable. You will not face any problems like lagging or making your android device stuck. If we talk about its core functions, you can make yourself more private and your interface more customized. Whether it comes to changing the theme, colours, text styles, wallpapers, or extra privacy features, this version of WhatsApp MA has everything in it.

What is MA WhatsApp Mod APK

Features of WhatsApp MA:

MA WhatsApp is rich in features, but we will discuss some of its core features here. In simple words, you can do a lot of things that you can’t do in official WhatsApp.

Anti Ban:

Anti Ban:

When someone uses any third-party app, the foremost concern is its account’s security. This WhatsApp mod comes with an anti-ban feature that keeps your account safe from banning. Having this feature, you are assured that your account is 100% safe and secure to use.

Locking Chats:

Locker for Whats Chat App - Apps on Google Play

Locking individual chats is an interesting feature that lets you secure your most private chats in WhatsApp. You can secure your chats with a custom pattern or pin. After utilizing this feature, you can ensure that your chat is more secure than ever before. You can apply this setting to both individual contact or group.

Anti Message and Status Delete:

Anti Message and Status Delete

It is annoying when someone sends you a message and then deletes it before reading it. However, using this WhatsApp mod, you can recover deleted or revoked messages. You can not only view the deleted message but also reply to that. Similarly, you can view and reply to statuses that your contact has just deleted. You can see that status normally for 24 hours, even if someone deleted it early.

DND Mode:

DND Mode

DND mode comes in handy when you have a busy schedule or are in a meeting and don’t want to disturb anyone. This mode will make your WhatsApp completely offline, and you will not be able to send or receive messages until you turn off DND mode.

WhatsApp Status Downloader:

Latest Status Downloader APK 1.0 - Download APK latest version

You might have seen some third-party apps on the Play store that lets you download the status of your contacts. However, it is annoying sometimes to shift from one app to another. Using MAWhatsApp, you have the ability to download the status within the app. There is a download button on the right of the status window that lets you download the status.

Other Features:

Here is a quick view of some useful features that you will see in this WhatsApp mod Apk:

  • Block incoming calls from a contact
  • Send media files in HD Quality
  • Clean junk files
  • Latest collection of emojis
  • Wide range of fonts
  • Various fonts
  • Different conversation styles

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Installation Guide of MA WhatsApp Mod APK

This WhatsApp mod is not available on Google Play Store, and you might be thinking about how you can install MA WhatsApp Mod on your android device? Well, the answer is simple, you can download and install it from here. Just follow the below steps:

  • Click on the “Download” button above and save the file on your device.
Click on the "Download" button above and save the file on your device.
  • Go to your android device’s settings and allow “installation from unknown sources.”
Go to your android device's settings and allow "installation from unknown sources."
  • After that, open the downloaded file and click on “Install.”
After that, open the downloaded file and click on "Install."
  • Wait a few seconds to complete the installation
Wait a few seconds to complete the installation
  • After completion, open the app and enter your credentials.
After completion, open the app and enter your credentials.
  • Enjoy using WhatsApp MA mod apk
Enjoy using WhatsApp MA mod apk


Before downloading, you need to make sure that you are downloading the file from an authentic website. If you download from our website, we assure you this mod apk is 100% safe.

Updating this WhatsApp Mod is pretty easy. Just go to the settings of the app and click on updates. It will move you to a website where you can download the latest version and install it.

No, it is not available there. However, you can download it from our website. Just tap on the download button and install it.

Final Verdict:

MA WhatsApp is the enhanced version of the original WhatsApp that is enriched with extra functions and features. If you are such a user who loves to try out different things, then this mod apk is specially made for you. You can play with different things and make your WhatsApp more personalized, private, and secure. I Hope you are going to download it and Enjoy it!

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