WhatsApp RB Mod Apk Pro Latest Version Download [Updated] 2023

WhatsApp is such an instant-messaging app that is widely used worldwide. People use it to communicate with their family and friends through messages, audio calls, and video calls. The main reason for its popularity is it works reliably well on slow networks and performs well on 2G coverage areas. It has a simple interface and easy-to-use features. Due to this, people want to have something extraordinary on WhatsApp. In this regard, WhatsApp RB mod apk is a perfect choice.

Actually, RB WhatsApp is a modified and enhanced version of official WhatsApp that comes with something extra that can also available in apps like ab whatsapp, indigo whatsapp and yo whatsapp. Every user wants to try those additional functionalities and needs extra privacy features. This WhatsApp mod Apk will overcome the limitations enforced by official WhatsApp, like hiding online status, showing deleted messages, and many more. If we talk about popular WhatsApp mods, then GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus come on the top. However, we are going to discuss the RB WhatsApp mod here.

What is WhatsApp RB Mod APK ?

What is WhatsApp RB Mod APK ?

Some unknown developers identified some limitations and fulfilled that by developing this RB WhatsApp mod Apk. It comes with such extra functions and features that you will not see in official WhatsApp. This mod Apk has a black theme and interface, and due to this reason, it is also known as RB WhatsApp Black Edition. This mod Apk is developed on the base of WhatsApp Plus and has such extra features that are not included in that famous mod Apk’s. People use RB WA due to its all-black theme interface and theme. If you want to check our latest whatsapp mods that are red whatsapp, delta whatsapp and ma whatsapp then keep visiting. We are launching some more apps in coming future as well.

RB WhatsApp APK File Information

App Name RB WhatsApp
Version v7.55
File Size 36 MB
Android Version Required 5.0+
Last updated 1 day ago

Features of RB WhatsApp:

RB WhatsApp comes with a lot of features that you will love after using it. However, we will discuss some major features out of them that you want to see in any mod apk.

Black Interface and Theme:

Black Interface and Theme

This mod apk is known for its all-black interface. It comes with a unique and beautiful black theme and interface that will let you feel cool. However, if any user doesn’t like the black interface, you have many options to change the interface. You can download any theme of your choice and apply that to customize your interface. There is not only the theme that you can customize; instead, you can make changes in everything like styles, fonts, logos, and many more things.

View Deleted Messages:

View Deleted Messages

In RB WhatsApp, you will get a built-in anti-delete messages feature that lets you view the messages your contact has deleted. In official WhatsApp, all deleted messages disappear, and you can’t view that. However, in this mod apk, you can not only view the messages but also can reply to them.



If you have any fear of banning your WhatsApp account due to using mod apk, here is good news for you. This mod apk comes with an anti-ban feature that keeps your WhatsApp account safe from any restrictions or ban. You will not face any kind of temporary or permanent ban issues while using RB WhatsApp.

Freezing Last Seen:

Freezing Last Seen

Like other WhatsApp mods, this mod also lets you freeze the last seen status. By enabling this feature, everyone will consider you offline. In this way, no one can interrupt you who message you by seeing your online status.

How to Download and Install RB WhatsApp:

Since WhatsApp RB mod is not available at official sources by Google, you need to download it from different websites like this one. Here we will guide you to download the Black edition of RB WhatsApp that will be secure for your android device. Follow the below steps to download this amazing mod.

  • Click on the “download” button on this page.
Click on the "download" button on this page.
  • Wait a few seconds to appear a dialog box
  • Select the location from the dialog box and start the download
Select the location from the dialog box and start the download
  • Wait a few moments to complete the downloading
Wait a few moments to complete the downloading
  • Now, go to the settings>>apps>>allow installation from external sources
Now, go to the settings>>apps>>allow installation from external sources
  • Click on the downloaded file
Click on the downloaded file
  • Start installing the RB WhatsApp mod
  • After a few seconds, your installation will be completed.
  • Open the app and enter your credentials.
  • Enjoy using the black edition of WhatsApp RB.
Enjoy using the black edition of WhatsApp RB.


If you download the mod apk from our site or any other trusted site, it is safe. However, you need to be sure that you are downloading from an authentic website.

Updating this mod apk is really simple. Just go to the app’s settings and click on the update button. It will lead you to the latest version of this WhatsApp mod. Install that and enjoy the updated version.

Yes, it not only includes real WhatsApp features but also comes with enhanced privacy, security, and customization features. In short, you will love and enjoy using this mod apk.


If you love the Black, then none could be better than this black edition of WhatsApp mod. WhatsApp RB comes with a black theme and interface and many privacy features. Furthermore, if you love some gold color you can use our royal whatsapp. It is totally safe and secure to use. If you think it’s all black, you are wrong. Although it comes in a black theme, you can still customize it by choosing any theme of your own choice. Hope, you will enjoy its customization and extra privacy features.

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