WhatsApp Transparent V12.4 APK Free Download 2023 [Latest Version]

WhatsApp Transparent is another great addition to WhatsApp mods and getting popularity worldwide. Official WhatsApp has many issues like slow UI, errors, lack of interactive and customization features, bugs, and many others. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has billions of users, and it has become the main source of communication. The developers thought to overcome these issues and developed WhatsApp mods having all the features that are the need of the hour.

Due to its transparent interface, WhatsApp Transparent apk is famous in all generations like others mods of whatsapp that are whatsapp x, yo whatsapp and na whatsapp. The private developers took the idea of a transparent theme seriously and worked really hard to achieve the goal. Therefore, you will get all the functionalities of the original WhatsApp as well as added privacy and interactive features. Moreover, this mod apk is made for all users, and anyone having an android device with a 4.0 or above version can use this mod apk.

What is WhatsApp Transparent:

What is WhatsApp Transparent:

Transparent WhatsApp is made of advanced technology that lets every user enjoy enhanced security and more private features of WhatsApp mod. Basically, this mod is the modification of GB WhatsApp, which is the most famous mod of WhatsApp. However, the developers found some flaws in that, like slow UI, a certain percentage of account ban, bugs, etc., and decided to develop the latest version. And now, Transparent WhatsApp is here without any bugs, slow issues, and any account ban problems.

What is WhatsApp Transparent:

WhatsApp Transparent APK File Information

App Name WhatsApp Transparent
Version v13.5
File Size 45 MB
Android Version Required 5.0+
Last updated 1 day ago

Top Features of WhatsApp Transparent:

Installing this popular mod on your android device, you will get a lot of extra features that you haven’t seen in official WhatsApp. For example, you will get complete interface and privacy control of your account and enjoy in a more customized environment. Here are some of the top features of this WhatsApp mod apk.

Improved User Interface and Performance:

Improved User Interface and Performance:

If you compare this mod with official WhatsApp, you will see improved general execution in this mod Apk of whatsapp. Whether it comes to messaging with friends, sending photos, audio recording, user interface, privacy, or the advanced User Interface, you will see everything improved in it. For example, you can customize the background with your picture or with customized wallpaper. The thing that you will love is its performance. You will not see any lags in its performance, and every feature will run smoothly.

Enhanced Privacy Features:

Enhanced Privacy Features:

In this mod apk, you will get enhanced privacy and security features. It is now at your end who can contact with you and when you will be available for your contacts. Therefore, you can hide your online status, and no one will be able to see your availability. Moreover, you can block certain contacts from calling, and they can’t interfere or disturb you while you are working. Another great feature is that you can freeze your last seen status. In this way, everyone will see a fixed time of your last seen and can’t judge when you were exactly available.

Concealing Features:

Hiding you’re existing makes your privacy more advanced and keeps you anonymous. In this amazing WhatsApp mod, you will get the following Concealing features to update your privacy:

  • Hiding blue tick mark whether you see anybody’s messages or not
  • Hiding the second tick when someone sends you a message
  • Hiding online status
  • Conceal the forward message tag when you send a message from another chat
  • Hide time and date

DND and Anti-Ban feature:

DND and Anti-Ban feature:

You might be looking at what DND mode is in WhatsApp and what it has to get from a WhatsApp mod. Well, this feature is very beneficial if you want loneliness from your WhatsApp contacts and want to still use the internet. Enabling this feature will convert your WhatsApp to airplane mode, and you can still run other apps on the internet. It’s a great feature if you don’t want to get disturbed by your contacts.
If you are fear of your account ban from WhatsApp by using mod apk, then don’t be a worry. This mod apk comes with a built-in anti-ban feature like you already have seen in yo whatsapp and royal whatsapp, that will protect your account from any type of short-term or permanent banning of account

Media Sharing Capacity:

Media Sharing Capacity:

In official WhatsApp, you are bounded to send media files up to a certain limit. Using transparent WhatsApp mod, you can share documents having the size of 1GB at once to any contact. Moreover, you can share super High-Quality photos, videos, audio recordings, and more. Additionally, you can share more photos at once to your contacts other than official WhatsApp. Sending multiple images at once will save you from the hassle of repeatedly going into the gallery and selecting the pictures.

How To Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent:

This WhatsApp mod is not available on Google Play Store. You need to download and install it manually. If you don’t know how to do it, follow the below steps and enjoy the advanced WhatsApp mod.

  • Click on the “Download” button and set the download path.
Click on the "Download" button and set the download path.
  • Wait for a moment to start download
  • After a few minutes, the download will be completed.
After a few minutes, the download will be completed.

Installing any mod file is not easy, and if you are doing it for the first time, follow the below steps and complete your installation.

Enable unknown sources:

Whenever you install a mod apk file from any external source, it will be blocked from installing unless you allow the installation from settings. To enable this setting, go to the settings of your android device, go to apps, and allow “installation from unknown sources.”

Go to Downloads and Click on the Apk file:

After enabling the settings, go to the download and locate the downloaded WhatsApp mod apk file. Click on it and then tap on the install button. It will start installing and wait for a few moments to complete the installation. That’s all to install the latest version of WhatsApp transparent mod apk.


Updating this mod apk is very easy. Go to the settings of mod apk and click on updates. You will be redirected to a site to download the latest version. Download it and install the latest version.

If you download the apk file from a legitimate source, your device is 100% safe. This mod doesn’t contain any malware or viruses and is not controlled by any third party. So, it is 100% safe to use on your android device.

The unique thing about this mod apk is it lets you customize the background of your chat screen. It makes your interface transparent, and you can use any photo on your background.


Hey mates! We tried our best to deliver you the best analysis about WhatsApp transparent. No other WhatsApp mod offers superior privacy features than this one. Since official WhatsApp lacks customization features, it is frustrating for many users. So, download this mod apk from gbpick aka whatsapp plus and enjoy the latest privacy, interface, and security features.

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